Sunday, July 4, 2010

The "Art" Of Conversation

This is a typical conversation at my house. My husband and daughter were watching the really bad Batman movie from 1966 on TV:

Me (came into the den and saw the back of Catwoman): “Is that Eartha Kitt or Meredith What’s-Her-Name?”
Hubby: “It’s Lee Meriwether, not Meredith.”
Darling Daughter: “Wasn’t she on ‘Sky High’?”
Me: “No, that’s Linda Carter.”
Hubby: “She played Wonder Woman, not Catwoman. Lee Meredith was also Buddy Ebsen’s secretary on that detective show. What was it?”
Me: “It’s Lee Meriwether and the show was ‘Barnaby Jones.’”
DD: “Who does Eartha Kitt play?”
Me: “She’s not in this movie.”
DD: “Then why did you mention her?”
Hubby: “Shh, I’m trying to watch this bad movie.”

After that great intellectual discussion, it was back to the show. SOCK! POW!

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