Friday, November 13, 2009

Button Day Is November 16!

Button Day is a fun day to collect, use, and just enjoy buttons. Button come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. There is an amazingly endless variety of buttons for your collection.

But wait a minute... is that the meaning of this day!? Maybe the purpose of this day is to wear buttons. You know, those diverse buttons that send a message for political purposes (according to Macmillan Dictionary, it is in England). Or ones that have funny sayings. Or a button with a smiley face to cheer everyone up.

The origins of this day are unknown. So we can't be certain of the real meaning of this day.

While every day is Button Day at Fran's Button Corner, it's nice to know there is an "official" holiday to acknowledge the wonderfulness of buttons. To celebrate, EVERYTHING in the shop (Clearance too) is 15% OFF until November 16! No secret codes to enter, unless of course, you just want to expound on virtues of buttons. :) Your 15% discount will be promptly refunded via PayPal.

From our friends at Holiday Insights, here are some other ways to celebrate Button Day:

• Button Collecting and Display Day - collect and display clothing buttons

• Button Up Day- 'cuz it's cold outside!
• Pushing Your Buttons Day - you're kidding me, aren't you!?
• Belly Button Day - now, here's one that could be real fun
• Belly Button Fuzz Day - it's amazing what you find in there.
• Wear Buttons Day - skip the political buttons. My favorite is a Smiley button.

To send a free Button Day card to your favorite button enthusiast, go to All-Yours. They have some really cute ones.

 However you choose to celebrate, have a Happy Button Day!