Thursday, June 3, 2010

Norman Strikes Again!

That Norman! The chocolate lab who tore apart a vintage Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt in April (see The Dog Ate My Quilt) has developed a taste for old quilts. This month, he chewed the corner off a gorgeous vintage Bowtie quilt. Not as extensive as April’s damage, but Norman’s owner is starting to think I’m paying him in Milk Bones to tear up her quilts.

I had to replace half the bowtie, batting, backing and binding. I could not locate a green striped fabric that came anywhere near what the original bowtie looked like, so Norman’s “mom” decided to go with contrast and picked out a polka dot.

I noticed there was another quilt in the bag, and it was the Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt I fixed in April. Oh no! Immediately, I did the mature, professional thing and jumped to conclusions: she hated my work and was throwing it back in my face. Can you believe I was wrong? The worst worn flower in the garden had batting falling out around what was left of the fabric. While the owner didn’t want me to make a completely new flower (too expensive), she did ask if I could “put a patch over it” to keep the batting where it belonged. Well sure, I can do anything. Hahaha. I mean, how hard can it be to make a one piece patch, sorta hexagonally shaped semi circle, complete with seam allowances? Pretty darn difficult, that’s how hard! The patch and I had a few differences at first, but after I threatened it with the fireplace, things fell into place.

Everybody is happy for now, but I sense Norman is plotting his next “challenge”.

UPDATE: This blog won American Quilter's Society Blog Of The Week on June 4, 2010.  Thank you Norman!  Your Milk Bones are in the mail!


  1. We should teach Norman the value of quilts! :) Thank you for submitting your blog for our Blog of the Week contest on facebook.Make sure you tune in at 10:00am cst to see the winner!

  2. Norman...quite the character! Nice work on the Bowtie repair!

  3. Thanks Sarah! I think it would have been easier to make 7 hexagons and sew them together!

  4. You may have to tie some string around Norman's mouth. : ) I love your quilts.