Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet The Teacher Night

For maximum embarrassment to your teenager, be sure to try these tips at the next Meet the Teacher or Open House night. They really work!

  1. Wait patiently for your turn to speak with every teacher.
  2. Tell every teacher that your child has “special needs”
  3. Speak French to the French teacher (or foreign language of your choice). The worse you speak it, the more embarrassed your teenager becomes. It’s amazing!
  4. Give all the teachers permission to hand out extra homework to your middle schooler in order to get her/him “ready for college”.
  5. Ask all the members of the opposite sex who say hi to your teenager to fill out a health questionnaire.
  6. Make sure the P.E. teacher knows it’s OK to give your child extra laps/pushups every day.
Use these little tidbits, and I guarantee you at least 3 eye rolls and a couple of huge sighs.  Maybe even a "Mother!" or two! ;)


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