Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two New Product Lines For Quilted Lovelies

Two new product lines have been added to the Quilted Lovelies line-up: doll quilts and hot pads.

The doll quilts come in two designs, checkerboard and diagonally striped.  The checkerboard doll quilts feature bright fabrics in carnival inspired colors of turquoise, red, yellow and chartreuse, just to name a few.  They come in two sizes, 10" x 14" and 12" x 14".  The diagonally striped doll quilt is made up of triangles pieced together to seemingly form rows of flowers on a solid yellow background.  Both designs are perfect for 18" dolls.

Two of the hot pads designs are primary colored quilt block patterns in 2 sizes, 8 1/2" square and 9 1/2" square.  The third is a whopping 16" x 14 1/2" (that's big enough for a lasagna pan).  I made them because I couldn't find a hot pad big enough to fit under the crock pot.  I made a "guinea pig special" for me, then my mom wanted one, and a neighbor, so I made a dozen of the smaller ones and 4 of the larger ones.  The big hot pads are pieced squares and rectangles in spring colors of lime, yellow and turquoise, and can also be used as a table topper or a wall hanging.  

Not a new line, but 7 new coasters designs have been added as well.  Coming soon: placemats and quilt block kits!

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